goRinse Mouthwash To Go

goRinse Mouthwash To Go
This Product Has Been Discontinued

goRinse Mouthwash To Go

Designed to fit into your smallest purse or pocket. Can be used anytime, anywhere
  • Before A Date
  • While Traveling
  • After Working Out
  • After A Snack
  • At The Office
  • Before Meetings

goRinse, Mouthwash To Go:For your convenience, these small, single-use mouthwash packs are easy to open, easy to carry. No need for extra cups or devices. The box opens and becomes a mouthwash dispenser. Grab one, tear off the package, pour to your mouth, rinse and spit it out. In 30 seconds, you will have dental hygiene.

Mouthwash To Go, is designed to fit into your smallest purse or pocket and can be used anytime, anywhere – before a date, after a snack, while traveling, at work.

  • Convenient, easy to carry
  • Prevents Bad Breath
  • Fights Gingivitis
  • Maintains Healthy Gums
  • Alcohol, Sugar and Saccharin Free
  • Safe for Children

Tear off the package, pour into mouth, rinse for 30 seconds and spit it out.

Product Reviews


How come this was not invented sooner? It's an awesome product. Because of its small/thin packet, it can easily be carried anywhere. I usually keep 1 in my purse and 1 in my car. It's a mild mint flavor that freshens your breath. It is not an overpowering mint like a Scope mouth rinse or breath spray. The GoRinse has been a life saver. I've used it during work lunches and dinner dates. I prefer these little "on the go rinses" versus gum. Chewing gum in front of your guest can be a little crass.
By Laurie from Charlotte, NC on 05-03-11

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