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Doc Multi-Use Suction Holder

Doc Multi-Use Suction Holder
Toothbrush Holder

Original: $7.99
Sale: $6.99

Are you looking for a toothbrush holder that will fit your modern style toothbrush? Toothbrushes these days are wider or have curves which prevent them from fitting in traditional holders. Now there is the DOC Multi-Use Suction Holder. It’s perfect for all sizes and styles of toothbrush from children’s to electric. The suction base attaches to any smooth surface, wall or mirror. You can use it to hold razors or combs as well.

The DOC Multi-Use Suction Holder is not just for the bathroom. You may use it on your desk to hold your iPod, cell phone, or any other small gadget. The holder is great for the kitchen as well. Use it to hold dishtowels, pot holders, or kitchen utensils. It will become one of your favorite little helpers in the kitchen

The DOC Multi-Use Suction Holder is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The manufacturer used EcoPure biodegradable additive to ensure breakdown in any landfill, compost, or commercial facility.

The Doc Multi-Use Suction Holder will transform any messy chaos into an organizational delight!

Product Reviews

Space saver

I think this is COOL! I don't have much space on my bathroom counter and was looking for a tooth holder. Stumbled upon this and read it had a suction cup. I bought one and stuck it on the mirror. Works exactly as described.
By red781 from Boston on 05-11-12

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