Oral Irrigators

  • Hydro Floss

    • Innovation of HydroMagnetics
    • Completes home dental care
    • Great for periodontal pockets
  • OralBreeze

    • Fits your sink or shower
    • Simple installation
    • No plugs or batteries
  • ViaJet

    • Great for subgingival pockets
    • Designed for gumline cleaning
    • Reliable construction
  • WaterPik

    • #1 Brand in Water Flossers
    • Unsurpassed performance
    • Counter top & Cordless models
  • Oral Irrigator Solution

    • Solution for Oral Irrigators
    • Ready to use & Concentrate
    • Deep cleaning solution
  • Sonicare

    • Cleans interproximally
    • Safe for implants and braces
    • Great for home and travel

Oral irrigators are a great adjunct to dental flossing by pulsing a small stream of water at a high pressure in between your teeth. This helps loosen plaque and any food particles from between your teeth helping in the fight against gingivitis and bleeding gums. Oral irrigators come in a variety of options and sizes such as counter top models, portable handhelds, and even ones that can attach to your shower or faucet. Oral irrigators can be filled with water and or an antiseptic solution depending on the unit. Some irrigators come with small attachment tips that allows one to irrigate under the gum line for those than suffer from Periodontal(gum) disease.These devices are perfect for helping anyone maintain a healthy clean mouth.