Kids Dental Care

  • Children's Electric Toothbrush
    Giving your kid an electric toothbrush will not only help properly clean your kids teeth, but it will also make your kids want to brush their teeth. These electric toothbrushes not only clean your kids teeth, but they also play songs so your kids will enjoy brushing their teeth. Using an electric toothbrush will help remove plaque, stains, and helps prevent cavities.
  • Children's Manual Toothbrush
    Browse through our selection of children's manual toothbrushes to find the right one for your kids. These fun and exciting toothbrushes will have your kids wanting to brush their teeth. With fun, cool designs, to toothbrushes with timers to let your kids know how long to brush their teeth.
  • Children's Toothpaste
    Find your kids toothpaste of choice here. We have a wide variety of children's toothpaste that not only taste great but also helps remove plaque, prevents cavities, and promotes overall good oral health care. We also have kids toothpaste availble in their favorite cartoon characters, such as; Spongebob Square pants, Wolverine, Sesame Street and more.
  • Children's Mouthwash
    We now have plaque revealing pre brush mouth rinse which will show your kids where their plaque is so that they may probably brush and remove all visible plaque. We also carry a wide variety of children's mouthwash to get your kids in the habit of using mouth wash on a daily basis to help control tartar, fight ginger gingivitis, and leave them with fresh breath.
  • Children's Floss
    Are your kids flossing? Are they able to reach those tough corners in their mouth? If not check out our selection of children's flossers to help your kids properly floss and remove plaque and other gunk from in between their teeth and gum lines. Having your kids floss helps promote good oral health care and gets them in the habit of doing it everyday.
  • Children's Travel Kit
    Taking a vacation soon? Need to find travel size oral care products for your kids? Browse our selection of travel size toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, and more for your kids. These travel kits are perfect for kids to take with them for when they sleep over at friends house's, go on vacation, or are simply on the move a lot.
  • Infant and Toddler Oral Care
    Find teething rings, and teething gel to help soothe your infants mouth while their are teething. Also find easy to use toothbrushes and finger wipes to allow you to properly clean your infant's baby teeth while they are growing in.
  • Children's Clean Toothbrush
    At this age kids don't really know much about germs, but as a parent you are fully aware that germs can grow on just about everything, including your kids toothbrush. Keep your kids toothbrushes clean with these innovative products.
  • Children's Drugstore
    Searching for children's medicine for them to take when the get sick? Browse these products that are specifically made for kids. We carry products that help kids with their allergies, cough, cold sores, sore throats, and more.
  • Kiss My Face Kids Lip Balm
    • No Parabens
    • No Artificial Colors
    • No fragrance
    • No Kidding
    • pH Balanced
    • 100% Biodegradable
  • Archtek Stay Tray
    • Includes one thermoformed dental tray
    • One, 3" diameter cosmetic case with mirror
    • Temporary Orthodontic Retainer
    • Holds teeth in their existing position
    • Fits to your teeth in just one minute using a warm water bath
  • Spread Heads Toothpaste Heads

    It is a lot easier to brush your teeth when you're smiling! Introducing the newest way to encourage kids to brush their teeth-Toothpaste Heads by Spread Heads. Simply replace the existing toothpaste cap with Toothpaste Pete or Toothpaste Oscar and Presto! Brushing teeth becomes more FUN!

  • Tooth Fairy*s Baby Tooth Bank
    CHILDHOOD is a special time that should be filled with wonder, fun and magic. The love of a Tooth Fairy can make a child's dreams come true. The Perfect Present Company's unique and fabulously sentimental products inspire Tooth Fairy family fun and save/organize each precious "toothless moment" memory, forever.