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  • Ashtel Dental

    • Brush buddies floss
    • Justin Bieber Floss
    • Floss by Justin Bieber
  • Butler Gum Floss
    Butler Gum offers a wide variety of dental floss and other flossing aid products. Butler Gum is a name brand you can trust to provide you with a high end product.
  • Colgate
    Colgate Total® Waxed Dental Floss slides easily between teeth without shredding because it is a single strand fiber vs. conventional multi-filament nylon fiber floss.
  • Dentek Floss
    • shred resistant
    • tight teeth
    • reduces tooth decay
    • advanced fluoride coating
    • Twisted to grab plaque
  • Desert Essence Dental Floss
    Quality non-shredding dental floss with 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil is an excellent aid in a preventative dental care regimen.
  • Dr.Collins
    Dr.Collins has a great line of floss, ranging from waxed to unwaxed and even ultra fine. Dr.Collins also has a specialty floss which is perfect for bridges, implants and more.
  • Dr Tung's Smart Floss
    There's no other floss quite like Smart Floss™. It stretches and expands into interdental spaces for better removal of plaque and food particles. This high-performance floss is suitable for everyone - people with tight spaces, wider spaces...even braces.
  • Eco-DenT Premium Gentle Floss
    All floss is not created equal! Eco-Dent floss is not only the most economical floss, but it has real benefits, such as being vegan waxed, and made with a blend of natural essential oils and enzymes to reduce plaque and help you maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • Glide Floss
    Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss by Oral-B has been proven to help reverse gingivitis in as quickly as within 2 weeks. Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss is Oral’B’s most technologically advanced floss ever. As part of a comprehensive dental health routine Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection Floss can help reduce cavities and gum disease.
  • Gripit Floss Holder
    • Easily threaded prongs to reach back teeth.
    • Ergonomically designed handle.
    • Can floss with one hand.
    • Comes with 50 yards of floss.
  • Johnson & Johnson Reach Floss
    Gentle on gums, tough on plaque. The floss dentists use most. Gentle Gum Care is a unique floss, designed to be especially gentle on even the most sensitive gums, making flossing a more pleasant experience. Only Gentle Gum Care releases a refreshing burst of mint as you floss, to leave your mouth feeling clean.
  • Oral-B Floss
    Unlike ordinary dental floss, Ultra Floss is made up of an interlocking network of spongy nylon fibers, not a series of straight nylon strands. Ultra Floss stretches thin to fit easily into tight spaces between teeth, and then springs back to its original thickness to clean away plaque.
  • ORA-GLO Mints + Floss
    contains the unique combination of sugar-free breath mints (made with Splenda®) and dental floss in one-compact and convenient container. keeps your teeth clean and breath mint fresh anywhere life might take you. It’s a must for your home, car, purse, or pocket.
  • Radius Natural Floss
    • Pure, natural silk has a soft texture with very low abrasion – removes plaque softly and effectively.
    • The floss is spun in natural beeswax to help sliding through tight spaces
    • 50m
  • Spry Sponge Floss
    Spry Dental, who has provided many great Xylitol products, now has its own dental floss! Spry Sponge Dental Floss is a brand new waxed floss with a Xylitol coating, providing a great taste and proven oral health benefits.
  • Supersmile Whitening Dental Floss
    Impregnated with Calprox® for whitening and cleaning between your teeth, and baking soda for fresh breath and healthy gums. Helps remove stubborn stains between teeth, plaque and bacteria under the gumline.
  • Tom's of Maine

    • Great natural floss
    • Glides easily between teeth
    • Removes plaque gently
  • Thornton Floss
    A special-use, interproximal dental cleaner that features an extra-thick brush section to clean around dental implants and under bridgework.
  • Tek

    • Waxed nylon thread
    • Easy to use
    • Reaches hard to get spaces