Zilactin-L Cold Sore Treatment - Liquid

Zilactin-L Cold Sore Treatment - Liquid
This Product Has Been Discontinued
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Zilactin Cold Sore Gel

Zilactin-L Cold Sore Treatment - Liquid

Use Maximum Strength Zilactin-L for early cold sore relief. Zilactin-L Early Relief Cold Sore Liquid treats cold sores even before they break out. Apply it as soon as you feel that initial itching or tingling. Zilactin-L’s penetrating formula speeds relief at a cold sore’s earliest stage. And it dries clear, so you don’t have to feel self-conscious.

For any sore, cut, or abrasion inside the mouth, Zilactin's benzocaine products deliver the powerful numbing analgesic that dentists use, delivering the two things you want most from a medicine: relief and a chance to get on with life.

What Causes Mouth Sores?

What Causes Mouth Sores? Many people suffer from some type of mouth sore–whether it's an aphthous ulcer, commonly called a canker sore, a bite on your tongue or cheek, wearing braces or loose dentures* or a sore from eating spicy or sharp foods–you know how tormenting they can be. Maybe your mouth sores are triggered by stress or hormones. And sometimes-as no doubt you’re aware-your painful mouth sore seems to develop out of nowhere. No matter what the cause, the end result is the same. Eating or drinking is painfully irritating, and the condition disrupts your life and takes the joy out of simple pleasures.

*Denture wearers: Apply only to affected area. Not to be used as a denture adhesive.

Product Reviews

question? Why is the liquid discontiinued?

This product is the only thing that has ever worked for my cold sores. I don't know where I originally found it, but it is the best ever. After I found I could order on line, I was very happy!! But now it is discontinued, Why!!!
By ann allen from quakertown pa on 04-27-11

Cold Sore Stopper

A few times during the year, i would get cold sores. After talking with some friends, they suggested Zilactin-L. At first i was a little skeptical because i was thinking "how is this different from any other cold sore product?" It works!!! Immediately after the 2nd application, i noticed results. The sore got smaller and dried up fast! If i feel and see a breakout about to happen, i reach for that Zilactin-L. Now, i say good-bye to those cold sores thanks to Zilactin.
By Robin from Trenton, NJ on 04-15-11


I've always gotten cold sores as long as I can remember. After using this medicine Zilactin-L, I never have break outs with ugly cold sores. It stops them before they get ugly!! Thank Goodness, they aren't pretty! Just apply the med. when you feel one coming on, and the med. takes care of it.
By amy from jacksonville,fl on 11-10-10

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