Whitening DIO Toothfoam

Whitening DIO Toothfoam
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Whitening DIO Toothfoam

Convenient on-the-go toothfoam can be gargled as a rinse or applied with a toothbrush.

Unlike other general toothpastes, DIO contains more than 5% of naturally extracted purified Hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite is highly effective remineralizing ingredient that is clinically proven to reduce sensitivity, whiten teeth, and prevent decay.

Main ingredients:

HAp (Hydroxyapatite)
Human bone is composed of 60% HAp, and the enamel layer of teeth is composed of 97% HAp. It fills in micro-damaged teeth immediately to make it smooth and lustrous, and gives a great effect on sensitive teeth, prevention of plaque, and whitening preservation.

Conidium Rhizome Extract
Helps re-growth of skin tissue, and makes calmative skin, maintaining a great effect on complexion

Ginger Tincture Has a great effect on gum elasticity

Mugwort Extract
Reduces Streptococcus mutants and promotes anti-aging

Protects oral membrane and is effective against gum disease

    Great for:
  • Sensitive Teeth
  • Orthodontics Treatment
  • Post Implant Surgery
  • Outdoor
  • Oral Care during Pregnancy

Spray out 2-3 times in mouth and gargle for 1 minute, or Spray out 2-3 times in mouth and use toothbrush.

Product Reviews

Just what I need

This toothpaste/mouthwash was such a lifesaver during my postsurgery recovery on my jaw. My mouth was wired shut so I rinsed with DIO toothfoam in place of brushing and it left my teeth feeling fresh without mint. I have no idea what the flavor is; it tastes just like mint but doesn't give me a reaction like normal mint would since I'm allergic. It also keeps teeth white and reduces sensitivity! I only wish they had it in a regular toothpaste form as well as the foam.
By Layla from Tennessee on 06-26-11

Not for me

I tried this toothfoam because it did not contain mint. However, it has a very strong taste that, to me, tastes like mint. It did whiten my teeth but I can't get past the strong flavor. Tastes too close to mint!!!
By S.B. from North Carolina on 05-15-11

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