Ulcerease Anesthetic Mouth Rinse

Ulcerease Anesthetic Mouth Rinse
1 oz Travel Size
6 oz

Ulcerease Anesthetic Mouth Rinse

  • Ulcerease Works quickly for immediate pain relief.
  • Ulcerease soothes canker sore pain, with no bitter after-taste.
  • It contains NO alcohol and therefore does not sting or burn like other mouth rinses. You get soothing pain relief.
  • Can also be used for painful mouth irritation
  • Also contains no sugars or artificial dyes or colorings
  • Its bacteriostatic- inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Been on the market for approx 15 yrs
Product Reviews

Works well

I occasionally suffer from mouth sores and recently had a friend told me about Ulcerease. Her dentist recommended it as an anesthetic rinse after she had a gum graft but she also used it when she got a canker sore. I tried the product and it healed my mouth sore in 2 days! My sores usually last at least a week even when rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. This product works and tastes much better!
By Cindy from Vancouver, WA on 06-25-12

Love this product

I suffer from canker sores frequently and it was so miserable until I found Ulcerease. This product is amazing! The rinse itself is a little thick so you feel it coat the entire area and leave a thin film behind. It numbs the surface of the sore without numbing your entire mouth, making it easier to eat and drink. Ulcerease is alcohol free so there is no burning or stinging. I was surprised by how good it tastes too considering there is no sugar in it. I keep a bottle of this stuff in my purse, at work, and at home. A must have for anyone who gets mouth sores.
By Marcy from Springfield, IL on 06-17-11

ulserease anesthetic mouth rinse

this product reall works wonders for swollen gums.
By john vanwinkle from adel ga on 05-15-11

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purified water, glycerin, sodium bicarbonate, sodium borate, liquefied phenol(O.6%) Do not use this product if you are allergic to any of these ingredients. As with all drugs, if you are pregnant or nursing, seek the advice of a health care professional before using any product.


  • Rinse affected area for 15 seconds and repeat every 2hrs as needed
  • Can also be used as a gargle for sores in the throat area. As with all mouthwashes, expectorate (spit out) after rinsing or gargling.
  • No prescription needed.


Keep this and all medications out of reach of children.

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