TheraBreath ZOX Mints

TheraBreath ZOX Mints
72 Mints
Was: $11.99

TheraBreath ZOX Mints

The most frequent cause of halitosis is the bacteria that live in the mouth. These bacteria produce volatile sulfur compounds (VSC’s), that rotten sulfur stench. A quick way to neutralize those VSC’s is with the TheraBreath ZOX Mints. They are the first breath mints that counteract those bacteria and stench. The ZOX mints actually treat bad breath and not just use mint flavoring. It is also great for dry mouth because the mints help stimulate saliva flow. Just pop in the ZOX mints and taste the freshness.

  • All-natural
  • Sugar free
  • Only 5 calories

72 mints per box

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