Targon Smokers Mouthwash

Targon Smokers Mouthwash
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Targon Smokers Mouthwash

Attention Smokers: How can a mouthwash improve your relationship? Having tobacco tar stains on your teeth isn't exactly a turn on. Not to mention tobacco breath. That's where Targon® Smoker's Mouthwash comes in. This unique mouthwash is specially formulated to help rid your teeth of tobacco tar, leaving your teeth whiter, your breath fresher, and your whole mouth feeling and tasting minty clean. Now what can be sexier than that? Take the Targon® test. Use Targon® for one month. See if your teeth aren't whiter, your breath fresher, and your significant other closer.

  • Whiten Teeth and freshen breath
  • Specially formulated to help rid your teeth of tobacco tar
  • Leave your mouth feeling and tasting minty clean.
  • Fresh Mint Flavor
Product Reviews


I'm not a smoker but I love targon it keeps my mouth clean and my teeth white and cleaned the coffee stains off please put it back on the shelf thank you Melinda from Texas
By Melinda from on 06-23-14

GlaxoSmithKline - makers of TARGON decided to quit making it. I guess because it is no longer politically correct to have a product that keeps the teeth of smokers clean. Never mind that it works far and away better than any of the whitening products out there for coffee, tea or red wine drinkers! Want to do something about it? Glaxo's twitter account is: @GSKUS Glaxo's facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/GSK Tell the company how unhappy you STILL are about this.
By HellOnWheelz from on 07-10-13

Smokers mouthwash

I' writing to get this product back on the market. This is the best smokers mouthwash it keeps my teeth white and my breath nice and fresh. So, I'm hope you find it in your heart to get this product back on the market. I'm been looking for this every where, but I can't find it, so PLEASE help put this back on the market?????
By Barbara Carpenter from ocean city nj on 09-09-12

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