Sparkle-Dent Concentrated Denture Whitener

Sparkle-Dent Concentrated Denture Whitener
8 oz Large

Sparkle-Dent Concentrated Denture Whitener

Sparkle-Dent entered the market place in 1991, after U.S. Dental Corporation realized that there wasn't a denture cleaner on the market that was capable of removing tartar, plaque, calculus or even coffee or tea stains. Sparkle-Dent was developed into a highly concentrated formula that would remove all of these stains without harming the soft reline material.

Sparkle-Dent Features:

Sparkle-Dent Denture Whitener Removes tarter, calculus, plaque, coffee and teas stains from dentures Does not contain harmful bleaches Safe for soft liners Returns dentures to their original luster.


  • One bottle cleans for a full 4 months
  • Highly concentrated Each mixture can be used for up to 7 days

Easy to use:

  • Dissolve one cap full of Sparkle-Dent in a cup of warm water
  • Stir solution thoroughly
  • Soak appliances for 20 minutes*
  • Rinse denture before replacing in mouth

*Soaking time may need to be increased for excessively stained dentures

Product Reviews

Great Smile !!!

I have used Sparkle-Dent for several years! If you want a beautiful Sparkling White smile buy this product!
By Tom Bickmore from Groveland CA (Near Yosemite) on 04-27-11

Bright and Clean

My mother in law use Sparkle-Dent. She is unable to clean her own dentures due to a stroke and the inability to move an arm. I am the one who takes care of her dentures. Not only are they brighter but the dentures also feel clean. With other soaks the dentures feel almost slick or slimy after soaking and it takes a long time to rinse and scrub it off. NOT SO with Sparkle-Dent. Clean, Whiter, and feel good in her mouth everytime! Thanks for a good product that lives up to its name.
By Barbara from New Mexico on 02-14-11

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