Sea-Bond Denturite

Sea-Bond Denturite
This Product Has Been Discontinued
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Acryline Temporary Denture Reliner

  • Two Applications Upper or Lower.
  • Temporary cushiony action lasts for weeks!
  • Complete, easy care for comfortable dentures.
  • Forget pastes or powders.
  • The Denturite reliner's custom-fit lets you eat anything right away.
  • Keeps food from getting under plates.
  • Not a daily application.
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  • Easy to Apply and Remove (Complete direction inside package): Mix and apply.
  • Place denture in mouth. Bite firmly.
  • To remove, simply peel off.
  • For temporary refitting of dentures between dental visits.
  • Improper or long-term use of denture cushions, pads, or reliners may lead to faster gum loss, irritation and sores.
  • For use only until your dentist can be seen.
  • Read insert carefully for directions and additional warnings.
    How do you get sea-bond denturite off your dentures?
  • Soak the denture for ½ hour in hot water, then try scraping off with a plastic knife.
  • If that doesn’t work (not recommended with steel in their denture)
  • Soak in hot tap water for 10 minutes, then drain while denture is still
  • warm, soak in 3% hydrogen peroxide overnight. Drain, then soak in hot
  • tap water for another 10 minutes Try scraping with a plastic knife

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