Reach Access - Daily Flosser Starter Kit

Reach Access - Daily Flosser Starter Kit
Daily Flosser
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Reach Access - Daily Flosser Starter Kit

Reach Access Flosser is designed to easily reach back teeth with its convenient toothbrush-like handle and disposable snap-on heads. The kit contains: 1 handle and 3 disposable heads.

Directions: Insert floss between teeth using a gentle back-and-forth motion. Move floss up and down against each tooth to clean both above and below the gum line. Rinse the floss with water and repeat cleaning procedure for each tooth.

To remove head from handle: Hold the handle face down with your thumb just below the Snap-on head. Placing the head on your counter or hard surface press gently down on handle to release head.

Attaching Snap-On head to handle: Open Snap-On head package. Position the notched side of the handle over the replacement head and push down. An audible click will indicate the head is engaged.

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Thanks, "Best flosser" for your advice on replacing the floss head, but it simply doesn't work for me. I have NEVER been able to replace the floss head. I've tried so hard I've actually had them break in my hand and cut me. They are great, but don't expect them to be as user friendly as some claim.
By Dina from on 11-21-13

Great for wrist problems

Carpal tunnel, arthritis or other problems that interfere with flossing are quite tolerable using this device. I have this manual one and the electric version Nick M has. The manual goes to work for 12 hour shifts. I have wrist pain problems with very limited grip strength, tight spacing and a small mouth (some people would disagree on that but the dentists use pediatric instruments ;). I won't let most hygienists floss because it is so hard to get between and not hit the gum hard. The replacement heads are not difficult to replace - they don't require strength, just follow instructions carefully and be observant. My only problem is the floss head replacement packs are not always available at even large stores. Came here hoping to find a reliable and possibly cheaper source.
By Ginny in CO from ca on 03-24-13

Best flosser

I've had the (now not made anymore) electric version of this flosser for several years now and it is by far the best. The floss heads do not break easily. I just bought a pack of those disposable floss picks and you need 3 to do your mouth. What a waste of money... You cannot go wrong with this product! And for those having trouble replacing the head---> Put the floss head on a flat surface (with the floss side facing down) and press down, it'll pop off. To put the new one on, just leave the new head in it's packaging holder, put the head inside it and press down to snap it on. Simple. if you can't do that, you shouldn't be driving. I mean that, sorry but this is not rocket science here.
By Nick M. from NY on 07-26-11

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For use by adults only. Keep out of reach of children. This product contains small parts which may be a chocking hazard.

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