Pepsodent Complete Care Premium Denture Bath

Pepsodent Complete Care Premium Denture Bath


Pepsodent Complete Care Premium Denture Bath

No Mess, No-Spill Strainer!
Great for Daily Cleaning or Overnight Soaking

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Simple and effective

I always have trouble keeping my dentures clean. Its such a blessing that i found this product here. All you need to do is set it and forget it. My dentures come out clean every time. I'm gonna order it from here again when I need a new one. Thank you!
By Agnes from Florida on 09-01-11

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  • Put your Denture Cleanser and your dentures into the porous strainer plastic basket with tiny holding grip and place it inside the Denture Bath.
  • Add enough warm (not boiling) water to cover your Dentures, close the lid firmly.
  • After soaking for 15 minutes, lift the strainer carefully so that the Denture cleansing solution drains into the bath and not onto your countertop.
  • Rinse dentures under warm running water.
  • If Dentures are still stained after soaking, brush it with Pepsodent Denture Cleanser to remove tartar, plaque and stains.
  • Empty and Rinse out the Denture Bath as well as the strainer. Put the strainer in the Denture Bath and close lid firmly. Store in a convenient place.

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