Dr. Ken's Maximum Care Mouthwash

Dr. Ken's Maximum Care Mouthwash
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Dr. Ken's Maximum Care Mouthwash

Dr. Ken’s maximum care products are made from unique, patented formulas that pack all the oral care benefits you need into one simple product.  You only have to decide on the flavor!

Dr. Ken’s mouthwash provided maximum benefits, using all natural ingredients including green tea extract.  This is a unique multi-care mouthwash is alcohol-free and combats bacteria, plaque, gingivitis, and tartar.

The Magic of Green Tea Extract:

Antibacterial, Anticavity, Antigingivitis, Antiplaque, Antioxidant, Freshens breath

There are over 1500 scientific studies in print focusing on the overall benefits of green tea. It is found in all of Dr. Ken's products because green tea has been shown to specifically improve oral health.

Green Tea is a cavity fighter. Studies have shown that it inhibits streptococcus mutans, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

Green tea is a major antioxidant. Antioxidants are thought to fight free radicals that attack healthy cells. This cell damage may lead to certain diseases. Green Tea helps prevent gum disease (gingivitis) and bad breath. Catechins found in green tea, EGCG and ECG combat oral plaque and bacteria which may lead to gum inflammation and malodor.

Maximum Care Mouthwash



Green Tea Extract Infusion

See above

Aloe Vera

Protects and soothes gums, antioxidant

Natural Flavor (plant) and Menthol

Freshens breath

Vitamin C


Zinc Chloride


Sodium Bicarbonate

Antiplaque, whitening

Papain (papaya plant)


Citric Acid


Propionic Acid

Natural preservative

Vegetable Glycerin (kosher)

Humectant, protects and soothes gums

Product Reviews

Fresh and smooth

First, there are numerous mouthwashes available that make the same claim: fights bad breath, removes plaque, prevents gingivitis, etc. I’ve used ACT, Scope, and Listerine. The Dr. Kens mouth rinse is different. It does not have that "burning/tingling" feeling. Plus, it’s a natural mouth rinse that does not contain fluoride. After reading about the dangers of fluoride, I now only use natural products.
By Roger from Albuquerque, NM on 05-20-11

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