Dr. Barmans DuoPower Sonic Toothbrush

Dr. Barmans DuoPower Sonic Toothbrush
DuoPower Toothbrush
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Replacement Brush Heads 2pack
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Dr Barmans DuoPower Sonic Toothbrush

The Dr. Barman patented multi-head Superbrush taken to the next level. The DuoPower toothbrush is a newly developed battery-powered brush. The combination of the unique multi-head and sonic technology results in a superior brushing experience.

The triple contact brush head cleans the entire tooth at the same time. With the ADA recommended 45-degree angle, the brush hugs the tooth. The sonic technology operates at 20,000 vibrations per minute breaking up any bacteria and plaque build up.

The slim modern handle takes up little room. It uses 1 AAA battery. No charging stands required. With a replaceable brush head and battery, the DuoPower is environmentally friendly.

The package contains: 1 DuoPower toothbrush, 1 replacement brush head, and 1 AAA battery.

Product Reviews

Easy to use

I purchased this toothbrush from dentist.net about two weeks ago. I was looking for something a little softer and lighter than my crest spinbrush. The duo power looked nice and it was cheaper than the other sonicare and oralb toothbrushes I was considering. It took me a couple of brushings to get used to the 3 panel brush head, but now I love it. I feel like my mouth is cleaner with me doing less work. I recently purchased an extra toothbrush for my husband to try. I just wish I could specify the color I want.
By Alice from Ok on 11-28-12

duopower toothbrush

Hi my daughter who has special needs uses the DuoPower Sonic Toothbrush and finds it really good and her dentist and hygenist are delighted with the results
By una kelly from Dublin Ireland on 10-06-10

Duo Power

I have never written a review before but I was so impressed with the way the Duo Power worked that I wanted to let others know. I was skeptical at first because it looked so different from a regular toothbrush. After using it I can now honestly say I will never use a regular brush again. The Duo Brush glidws back and forth and cleans both sides of my teeth and the gumline at the same time just like the description said it would. Plus the handle fits perfectly in my hand and that makes brushing even easier. I spend the same time brushing that I used to and my mouth feels twice as clean!
By Michael Rush from New York on 08-19-10

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  • Brush using short back-and-forth movements
  • Replace the brush head when the bristles are worn or every 3 months
  • For optimum performance, replace the battery every 2 months

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