Cankermelts Natural-GX

Cankermelts Natural-GX
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Canker Cover

Cankermelts Natural-GX


  • All Natural
  • Proven to heal most sores in 1-5 days.
  • Relieves pain in minutes without numbing.
  • Proven to relieve pain while in place and, after 3 days of use, reduce base pain when not in place by 89 percent.
  • Convenient to use and pleasant tasting.
  • A totally new development in canker sore treatment.

The only tested and proven OTC medication for healing canker sores.

Only Cankermelts relieve pain and heal sores.
Cankermelts Natural-GX is the only available product that relieves the pain of canker sores and sores from braces in minutes and will heal most sores within 1-5 days when used as directed.

Cankermelts are a totally new development in canker sore treatment.
Cankermelts are unique -- not a messy gel or a bad tasting numbing ointment. Cankermelts are patented self-adhering discs that deliver a proven natural healing agent (glycyrrhiza extract) directly on or near a sore for 2-6 hours as it slowly dissolves. It has a barely noticeable taste that most people find mild and pleasant.

Cankermelts are proven to work.
In a first study of its effectiveness, canker sore sufferers using Cankermelts 16 hours per day, including while sleeping, reported 96% of their sores healed in 1-3 days and reported their pain was relieved in minutes. In a second study, Cankermelts reduced pain by 89% in 3 days with 28% faster healing than no treatment when used less than 16 hours per day and not during sleep.

Cankermelts are convenient to use.
Cankermelts can be applied any where and any time. Put a disc on or near the sore with your tongue or finger. It begins adhering by itself and is firmly in place after a few minutes. As long as the sore is not located in an area that directly involves eating or speaking, the mild flavored disc does not interfere with chewing, talking or the taste of food.

Orahealth recommends always keeping Cankermelts on hand so a disc can be applied at the earliest sign of a sore to heal before it hurts.

Indications: For ordinary mouth ulcers (canker sores/aphthous ulcers): Relieves pain without numbing, reduces pain while eating, heals new ulcers within 1 to 4 days when used as directed.

Product Reviews

Really helps

My problem with canker sores is that once i get them, it takes forever for them to go away. The main reason is because i'll continually bite on the sore while eating or chewing gum. The cankermelt was great at covering the sore and preventing me from biting the area over and over again.
By Liz from Denver, CO on 01-10-12

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Active Ingredient: Gelatin

Inactive Ingredients: Glycyrrhiza (licorice root) extract and natural hydrophilic gums. No preservatives, coloring or known allergens. The plastic packaging does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).


Directions: While a Cankermelts disc is in place, the canker sore is healing. During the hours with no treatment, the sore may be growing. The canker sore will heal faster and fewer Cankermelts will be needed, the sooner you begin treatment and the more hours each day that you have a disc in place.

Heal it before it hurts: To heal a new sore before it begins to hurt, start treatment as soon as you detect the coming sore and keep a Cankermelts disc on or opposite the sore for at least 16 hours per day until 8 hours after you last feel the sore.

When to use: You may use Cankermelts during any activity, including working, showering, exercising, and sleeping. To last longer, you may use two discs at once, one on top of the other.

Eating: Use for at least 20 minutes before a meal to reduce pain from eating. You can eat with a Cankermelts disc in place. It is okay to swallow the disc.

Use with braces: Apply a dry Cankermelts disc to the sore and let it press on your braces. The disc will soften and settle into the braces and then pull away from the sore. Cankermelts will not harm your braces and will completely dissolve out of them in 3 to 8 hours - sooner with brushing.

Use with dentures: Soften a Cankermelts disc in your mouth and then hold it against the denture or gums until it sticks, as close as possible to the sore so the medication released from the disc will spread to the sore.

Preventing new sores: Using Cankermelts for 6-12 hours after getting a cut from braces or biting the lip or cheek may prevent a canker sore from forming. Some people use Cankermelts every night while sleeping to prevent sores from forming.


  • Do not use more than 90 discs in a 3-day period (30 per day) or more than 18 discs every day for 5 days or more - excessive amounts of glycyrrhizin, an ingredient in GX, can cause undesirable side effects.
  • Do not swallow a fresh disc that has been in your mouth less than one minute - it may stick in your throat.
  • Do not go to sleep with a disc in your mouth if it not yet stuck to teeth or gums or if you might pry it loose with your tongue while you sleep - it may become lodged in your throat.
  • Keep out of reach of children under 6 - due to risk of choking.
  • Cankermelts are not recommended for children under 6 due to risk of choking.
  • See a doctor if a mouth ulcer persists for more than 14 days - it may not be an ordinary mouth ulcer.

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