Butler Gum Tongue Cleaner 760: Brush and Scraper Combo

Butler Gum Tongue Cleaner 760: Brush and Scraper Combo
Tongue Cleaner 760

Butler Gum Tongue Cleaner 760: Brush and Scraper Combo

Removes plaque and bacteria known to cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease

  • Narrow head is comfortable and minimizes gag reflex
  • Multiple, curved ridges trap and lift away plaque and bacteria
  • Ergonomically shaped handle with raised thumb grip for comfort and control.
  • Long handle for easier access to the posterior region of the tongue, the main area bacteria reside.
  • Open design for easy rinsing after use
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Butler Gum Tongue Cleaner

The butler Gum Tongue Cleaner was EXCELLENT! I heard that food particles and bacteria stick to your tongue which could cause bad breath and I always want to minimize the risk of having bad breath! I just used the Butler Gum Tongue Cleaner right after I brushed my teeth and I can instantly see the results. The toothpaste aftermath all came off easily from the tongue cleaner and the best part is that there are 2 sides to this brush. The brush side with short small bristles and the scraper which was like a mini rake. Neither side hurt and gently grazed the top of my tongue. I saw results immediately. My breath was fresh for up to 2 hour afterwards and there was no extra residue left over.
By Shane from Redondo Beach on 04-21-11

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