Butler Gum Red Cote Disclosing Tablets

Butler Gum Red Cote Disclosing Tablets
40 Tablets

Butler Gum Red Cote Disclosing Tablets

Highlights harmful bacterial plaque on teeth and shows where more brushing and flossing are needed. Cherry flavor tablets.

Directions: Brush teeth and rinse mouth. Chew 1 tablet. Swish around the mouth for 30 seconds. DO NOT SWALLOW. Expel/spit. Rinse with water. The red color remaining on teeth indicates areas overlooked in brushing and may contain harmful dental plaque. Thoroughly remove the dark red color by brushing and flossing. Use periodically to monitor plaque.

Product Reviews

Pretty in Pink

I asked my dentist for some of these as I remembered using them when I was a kid. My five year old boy and I used them together. We followed the directions carefully and I was pleased with the results. It helped my son see where he was missing and I even noticed some areas I was missing too. Yes, there was pink everywhere and our tongues were stained a bit, not any worse than with some candy, but it was worth it for the dental lesson.
By Danielle Ramsey from Albuquerque New Mexico on 07-18-11

Not Recommended

There more of a waste of time and money, im sorry but they are. My little sister got these from school for some detist thing. She couldnt wait to try them because she felt like a big girl taking her "pill", but when she did, she started (and my parents) freaking out because it badly stained her teeth. They honestly barely even show the spots, the red/pink is just EVERYWHERE! she also stained her chin too, it hasnt really gone away yet. They are ok, but are a bit bothersome.
By Mikaela from Wisconsin on 02-03-11

pills are bad

these stains your teeth i will not reccamended theses pills for anyone.
By zoe Anderson from portland on 01-05-11

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Dextrose, Mannitol Powder, Stearic Acid Powder, Cherry Flavor, D&C Red 28 (Cl 45410), Calcium Stearate, Sodium Saccharin, FD&C Blue 1 (Cl 42090), Sodium Fluorescein.

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