BreathRx Purifying Toothpaste

BreathRx Purifying Toothpaste

BreathRx Purifying Toothpaste

  • Make BreathRx Purifying Toothpaste your regular toothpaste for a sparkling smile and clean, fresh breath.
  • Contains ZYTEX, a proprietary blend of ingredients formulated to eradicate halitosis. It also provides advanced tartar control that fights against cavities.
  • This refreshing minty gel does everything a regular toothpaste does and produces a long lasting, fresher breath.
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BreathRx is a wonderful product and does many more things beside freshen your breath, however if you have chronic bad breath you may want to look at why this is occuring. Oral odor can be caused by many medical or dental conditions like an over growth of oral bacteria, lack of flossing, cavities, or gum disease. Medical causes can sometimes be serious and are generally related to the stomach or the bowel. I love using BreathRx and other CariFree products, but finding out the cause of oral odor (Halitosis) is much more important that what you use to reduce the symptoms.
By Cynthia from on 05-15-13

BreathRx Purifying Toothpaste

I have really bad morning breath. I needed something to get rid of it for hours. I always have morning meetings and I was starting to get embarrassed. I tried the BreathRx Purifying toothpaste and had long lasting fresh breath for hours in the morning. It was amazing. I went ahead and picked up the BreathRx mouth wash and breath spray also.
By Marcia from San Jose, CA on 04-04-12

Fresh Breath

This was the 1st time I've used this product and I was hoping to get better results. The toothpaste tasted good and I had immediate results with fresh breath in the morning. But after an hour and a half I was reaching for gum to freshen my breathe. I was hoping that this toothpaste would keep my breathe fresh for hours on end.
By Tonya from Marina Del Rey on 04-14-11

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