Archtek Grind Guard Night Guard

Archtek Grind Guard Night Guard
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Archtek Grind Guard Night Guard

The Archtek Grind Guardâ„¢ has been clinically proven to be as effective as a lab produced acrylic splint for for the relief of symptoms associated with the night time grinding of teeth and jaw clenching. Thermoformed dental tray. Protects teeth during sleep. Molds to your teeth for a custom fit. One size fits all. User-friendly front-fitting tab. Patented form-fit technology. Latex and silicone free. Made in USA. Case made in China.

  • Includes one thermoformed dental tray
  • Attractive 3" diameter cosmetic case with mirror
  • Fits to your teeth in just 10 seconds in warm water
  • Front fitting tab for easy forming in hot water
  • Form-Fit technology
Product Reviews

Mouth Guard

I am a nightly teeth grinder and I use this product religiously! I cut it to make it more flexible for my mouth and I sleep comfortably every night with it. I can't even sleep without my mouth guard. I even see the ridges after a month's use of grinding. I plan on stocking up on this night guard because I will need it for the rest of my life!
By Danielle from Rosemead on 04-18-11

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Do not use: If you are under 18 years of age. If you wear braces, dentures, or other dental products. If you can wiggle any of your teeth. If your dentist told you that you have TMJ. If you have any tooth or jaw pain, or pain with bruxing or tooth grinding. As an athletic mouth guard. Product does not absorb shock. For more than three months without consulting your dentist.

Ask a dentist before use if you have: Loose fillings, loose caps or cavities with no filings. Clicking of your jaw. Jaw pain, teeth pain, face pain or have a hard time chewing. Two or more missing teeth. Mouth sores. Gum diseases or bleeding gums. Serious breathing, respiratory or other health problems.

When using this product: See your dentist every six months.

Stop use and ask a dentist if: Your same symptoms last even after several weeks of use. The product easily falls out of your mouth. The product causes you to gag or feels uncomfortable. You have bleeding gums, soreness, or other reaction inside your mouth. You notice new symptoms (jaw pain, teeth pain, ear pain, headache, neck stiffness, or joint clicking) because of the product. You have loose teeth or a change in your bite that last more than a few minutes after taking product out.

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